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Balance Sheet - assets

thousands of Euronotes30-Jun-1131-Dec-10
Non-current assets   
Tangible fixed assets 151,870,9451,840,232
Intangible fixed assets 161,746,2471,728,498
Equity investments 18138,151135,344
Financial assets 1910,91510,912
Deferred tax assets2089,87784,290
Financial instruments – derivatives2126,62940,071
Total non-current assets 4,260,5084,216,926
Current assets   
Trade receivables 231,114,1741,134,496
Contract work in progress 2418,36517,228
Financial assets 2541,54146,084
Financial instruments – derivatives2121,60812,796
Other current assets26219,212181,607
Cash and cash equivalents27356,264538,226
Total current assets 1,843,7701,984,317
TOTAL ASSETS  6,104,2786,201,243