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Consolidated net financial indebtedness

   (millions of €) 30-Jun-1131-Dec-10
a Cash and cash equivalents 356.3538.2
b Other current financial receivables 51.244.3
  of which related parties   
  Current bank indebtedness -23.4-58.4
  Current portion of bank indebtedness  -63.2-71.1
  Other current financial loans -8.9-16.6
  Financial leasing payables – maturing within the next year  -3.4-4.6
c Current financial indebtedness -98.9-150.7
d=a+b+c Net current financial indebtedness 308.6431.8
e Non-current financial receivables 10.810.3
  of which related parties   
  Non-current bank indebtedness  -292.0-345.8
  Bonds issued -1,768.1-1,787.3
  Other non-current financial loans  -222.9-160.4
  Financial leasing payables – maturing beyond the next year  -7.5-8.8
f Non-current financial indebtedness  -2,290.5-2,302.3
g=e+f Net non-current financial indebtedness -2,279.7-2,292.0
  of which related parties   
h=d+g Net Financial Indebtedness -1,971.1-1,860.2
  of which related parties