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Income Statement

thousands of Euronotes30/6/2011
(6 months)
(6 months)
Revenues 41,983,1851,806,961
Other operating income587,701101,758
Use of raw materials and consumables 6-1,122,021-1,036,447
Service costs7-422,065-405,637
Personnel costs8-189,662-184,581
Amortisation, depreciation and provisions9-144,589-138,663
Other operating costs10-17,536-18,821
Capitalised costs1124,35750,279
Operating profit 199,370174,849
Portion of profits (losses) pertaining to associated companies124,7234,337
Financial income1333,79555,336
Financial charges13-91,972-114,448
Total financial operations -53,454-54,775
Pre-tax profit 145,916120,074
Taxes for the period14-62,759-50,911
Net profit for the period 83,15769,163
Attributable to:  0
Shareholders of Parent Company 71,39862,573
Minority shareholders 11,7596,590
Earnings per share14.1  
base 0.0640.056
diluted 0.0610.056

* Figures as at 30 June 2010 were reclassified as described in the explanatory notes in the section "Financial statements".

Aggregate income statement

thousands of Euro30/06/1130/06/10
Net profit/(loss) for the period83,15769,163
Change in cash flow hedge reserve7,524255
Tax effects of other components of comprehensive income-2,113-270
Share of "other components of income" attributable to investments valued at equity315-455
Total profit/(loss)  for the period88,88368,693
Attributable to:  
Shareholders of Parent Company76,39462,481
Minority shareholders12,4896,212