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Information Systems

During 2011, the Hera Groups information systems followed the path mapped out by the business plan, operating in accordance with the following guidelines: satisfying business requirements effectively, consolidating the operating efficiency of the Hera Groups companies and business units and adapting promptly to sector norms.

The information systems contribution to the Hera Groups business in the first half of 2011 is shown by the following key indicators:

  • more than 8 million bills issued, of which over 115,000 were sent electronically a significant increase on 2010
  • more than 2,300 online tenders managed
  • around 60,000 emergency calls handled
  • more than 4.6 million active contracts for five services (electricity, gas, district heating, water, waste management)
  • around 65,000 km of distribution network managed
  • 1.9 million service requests, managed through four channels

    • call centres
    • branches
    • mail
    • internet

There have also been significant accomplishments, such as:

  • the completion of the project to update the systems to the reorganisation of the Local Operating Companies (the LOC reverse spin-off project), having achieved the objective of minimising the impact on normal system activity
  • the start-up in all areas of the new information system to support network management and maintenance activities (Work Force Management). The new system is already fully implemented, as demonstrated by the following figures recorded in four months when the system was in operation (since March in two areas and since May for the remaining areas):

    • More than 33,000 emergency orders processed
    • Around 4,000 quotes
    • Around 160,000 tasks created in the new works organisation and management system (Front End, Emergencies, Management and Maintenance)

Important work continues to updating the information systems in relation to regulatory obligations on separating the distribution and sales processes (software unbundling) and the administrative and accounting processes (accounting unbundling) for companies operating in the electricity and gas sectors (Resolution 11/07 et seq.).

Among the most important initiatives this year is the start of the project to review applications supporting metering-management processes. This project aims to a more efficient process and streamline applications.

The information systems Quality Management System" has been launched. It has the following aims:

  • Standardise processes and make operations uniform
  • Increase the quality of activities carried out
  • Obtain ISO 9001 certification

As well as the above projects, the other main projects initiated in the first half of the year (more than 60) were classified into the following types:

Improve the efficiency of operating processes and support the Hera Groups new business requirements:

  • Steps to optimise existing systems aimed at improving sales processes
  • Implementation of a tool for automating customer-service processes (Mashup)
  • Migration and management of contracts acquired in the default-provider market
  • Switch of seven new municipalities to the TIA waste-management tariff
  • Revision of the invoice-printing model and update to new specifications
  • Implementation of the investment-control and -management process
  • Identification of a solution for the centralised management of employee data and employee-management processes
  • Extension of the Groups document-management system to Protocol management

Update to sector regulatory requirements (the major ones are listed here):

  • Update to Resolution 219-10 on the functioning of the Simplified Indemnification System
  • Update to Resolution 67-10 on tariff regulation for temporary connections to medium- and high-voltage electricity-distribution networks
  • Update to Resolution 125-10 on active connections
  • Update to Resolution 156-07 on changes to metering frequency
  • Update to EC Regulation 254/09 on IFRIC 12: Service Concession Arrangements.
  • Update to Resolution 104-10 on managing customer compensation for non-communication
  • Integration of SISTRI (waste-traceability control system)
  • Update to the regulation on the traceability of financial flows relating to works, supplies and services tender contracts
  • Tariff update for water and gas services

Reduce technological risk and improve security levels:

  • Start of technological renewal project
  • Update to changes required by security and privacy managers
  • Oracle 11 upgrade for SAP

The information systems also ensured continuity of their own service, minimising the impact of new projects and fulfilling ordinary maintenance and system-development requests in accordance with agreed priorities.